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Thenos PlayBox In-Wall Mount for Sonos

Thenos PlayBox In-Wall Mount for Sonos

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Model: PB1-W

The Original, Flush-Mount Concealer Solution was invented by Audio/Video Installers to transform your Sonos speakers from tabletop to a professional in-wall setup. The PlayBox is tuned to not inhibit sound quality, interfere with wireless signals, nor reduce mic sensitivity (for voice-controlled speakers). 

Designed for an Architectural-vibe, the PlayBox eliminates any visible cords or cables, creating a clutter-free, sleek look for the most discerning minimalist. Prevent unwanted tampering or damage, common with countertop speakers, while still delivering that amazing Sonos sound experience.

Engineered with Quality for Demanding Environments, and built to last, the PlayBox by Thenos is manufactured using rugged metal materials, making it ideal for a multitude of applications within any home or business habitat. Thousands of units shipped and in-use since 2015!


  • Tailor-made for Sonos One, One SL & Play:1™
  • Approved for both residential and commercial*
  • Heavy-duty, all-metal design (beware of plastic imitators)
  • Flip-tabs for retrofit or "snug-to-stud" for new construction
  • Code-compliant integrated power supply (ETL & UL Listed)  
  • Flexible Install: Use Romex™, Metallic Flex (MC), or EMT Conduit
  • Neodymium magnets securely grip low-profile trim-plate
  • Inlet for optional hardline ethernet connection (CAT5/6)
  • U.S. Made 
  • This model replaces the: PB1-W-PRO and PB1-W-COM


4.15 lbs (the PlayBox without Sonos speaker)
5.5 lbs (packaged/ship weight) 

Product Dimensions:
Height: 9.625” (wall-box only)  |  9.5” (installed w/ trim faceplate)
Width: 6.75” (wall-box only)  |  7.25” (installed w/ trim faceplate)
Depth: 3.75” (wall-box only)  |  .75”
(proud of wall, w/ Sonos speaker)

Wall-Hole Size (cut by installer): 
Height: 8.25” 
Width: 5.625"

Required In-Wall Clearance: 
Vertical ↨ Space: 12.0” (min.)  |  14-16(recommended) 
Horizontal ↔ Space: 8.0"
Depth: Fits standard 2x4 wall cavity (w/ min. 1/2" thick drywall) 

What's Included

  1. PlayBox Wall-Unit
  2. Metallic Junction Box 
  3. Speaker Bracket Assembly: Sonos Holder & Cord Concealer** 
  4. Trim Faceplate ("Surround") 
  5. Non-metallic (Romex™) Cable Clamp 
  6. Flex/MC Cable Clamp 
  7. Recessed Electrical Outlet & Faceplate (15a, 125v)  
  8. Screw/Hardware Kit 
  9. 12” Safety Cable 
  10. Wall-Cut Template 
  11. Install Guide 


Model Numbers:
PB1-W-UNI-W (Ver 6.0E - in White)
PB1-W-UNI-B (Ver 6.0E - in Black)

PDF Product/Spec Sheet  |  Wall-Cut Template

Disclaimers & Safety

Certifications (Power Supply):
ETL/Intertek Listing: 3163781
UL Listed/Standard: Yes  |  UL File#: E2969
UNSPSC: 39121306

Note: This product requires electrical knowledge and/or experience to install. If you do not possess the skills or experience required for a high-voltage project, consult an electrician or professional installer. Observe all federal, state, and local laws/codes when installing the product.

*Approved for installation within North America or equivalent standards, installation outside of North America is "at the risk" of the purchaser. **Sonos speaker not included. †Select versions may contain some foreign parts.

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