About Thenos

Thenos Tradeshow Pic - About Us

Thenos was founded by professional Audio/Video & Home Theater installers and a product line, later to be called The PlayBox™, was born from first-hand knowledge gained in the field. The PlayBox is a line of flush mount, in-wall and in-ceiling enclosures specifically made for Sonos speakers.

When speaking with clients, to our surprise, instead of their primary concerns being the performance of their system or the brand of components procured... for most clients the common theme was more often that not “I just don't want to see any wires”.

With this mantra in mind we set to develop a line of recessed mount, in-wall and in-ceiling brackets to hide your Sonos One, One SL & Play:1 speakers while still delivering that same amazing Sonos sound experience.

2015 - Early in this year, Thenos completed prototype designs of the PlayBox Wall Model (the PB1-W). In the fall season, at an industry tradeshow, we launched our first production-ready line up. Three models were debuted: one specifically for residential, one for commercial and one for the DIY installer. Thousands of PB1-W's have been shipped, worldwide, ever since.

2018 - The introduction of the PlayBox Ceiling Model, nicknamed "The Can". Based on urging from our existing fans, Thenos began development of our in-ceiling mounts. After multiple prototype iterations, we certified the final design and launched the in-ceiling PlayBox (the PB1-C). Deciding to use mythical creatures to denote each major variant, we dubbed the first units shipped “Unicorn 1.0” and silk-screened a tiny Unicorn on the very first shipments. The popularity blew our expectations and demand for this model came fast and furious.

2019 - The Streaming Sound System™ concept was born: A spectacular rise of Sonos (and streaming reliability) had kicked off and we naturally realized we could utilize the versatile PlayBox to begin creating multi-zone audio systems for homes and businesses. Installing multiple PlayBoxes, along with various other elements, to create an entirely new type of Distributed Audio System was a reality. Now customers could operate a better, leaner sound system - without expensive/bulky audio racks, black boxes or the need to run messy speaker wiring. Our motto was: “No Amps, No Racks & No Wires”. Streaming Sound Systems have been installed at many gym/fitness centers, restaurants/bars, retail stores, offices, and homes.

2020-2021 - The pandemic hit and thus materials plus factory labor was uncertain, and in scarce supply. We decided to take the down-time to refresh and update both wall and ceiling series in order to combine multiple separate versions across residential and commercial into one simple and universal model for each line.

2023 - Thenos re-structured our method of fulfillment from top to bottom to ensure the quickest turn-around for in-stock product and we re-launched a website as well. We debuted a more streamlined ordering process on a new, modern online platform to make purchasing PlayBox models swift and easy.