Sonos One, Sonos One SL & Sonos Play:1 Flush Mounts

EXPLAINING THE PLAYBOX™ Hide your Sonos One/One SL & Play:1’s

As a proud owner of Sonos One, Sonos One SL or Sonos Play:1 speakers, we love that rich, immersive sound you only get with Sonos bookshelf speakers but are you tired of dealing with them randomly placed out in the open and the messy cords and cables? You're not alone, many feel the same, and you can now conceal, hide, and make your Sonos seemingly invisible...

The PlayBox™ takes Sonos setup to the next level with a series of innovative, in-the-wall and in-the-ceiling mounting solutions by Thenos. Whether you want to create a minimalist look, protect your Sonos speakers from damage (or tampering/theft in a business environment) or simply place your sound at the proper height; it’s now achievable with our line of Sonos flush and recessed mounts.

In this product break-down, we'll explore the methods that PlayBox enclosures, mounts, or brackets (whatever your preferred name) can reshape your tabletop or bookshelf Sonos speakers and help to achieve your aesthetic goals, while still preserving your Sonos experience.

1. Protect & Enhance - In-Wall/In-Ceiling Sonos Speaker Enclosures 
Our Sonos speaker mounting enclosures are designed to provide added protection and style, not only to your speakers but also for your surroundings. Often mistaken for custom or bespoke built speaker enclosures, the PlayBox product line has been in production since 2015 and is available in a wall, flush-fit model and a ceiling, recessed mount version - allowing seamless integration with any home or business habitat. Our built-in Sonos speaker enclosures not only keep your One, One SL and Play-1 speakers safe but also may enhance their sound quality by preventing sound leakage.

2. Showcase Your Sound - Sonos One & One SL Wall & Ceiling Mounts
The PlayBox model, PB1-W, or the PlayBox PB1-C, the ceiling cavity mount is the perfect concealed mounting solution. This line of hidden Sonos speaker mounts provide a secure and elegant way to position your speakers professionally in the wall or ceiling, turning them from an eye-sore to eye-catching or merely invisible elements in any residential or commercial setting.

3. A Seamless Integration - Concealed & Hidden Sonos Speakers 
Take integration options to a whole new level with our concealing mounts, they allow the rich and immersive audio experience that the Sonos speakers are notorious for while creating a truly architectural and seamless vibe. Whether you opt for a wall-mounted flush mount speaker enclosure or a ceiling recessed speaker mount, your Sonos One, One SL & Play:1's can be virtually invisible, giving your space a sleek and clutter-free look.

4. Businesses - PlayBox Pro Mounts for Sonos 
Take your commercial audio experience to new heights with our PlayBox Sonos speaker ceiling or wall mounts. Ideal for Gym & Fitness Centers, Restaurants, Cafes & Bars, or any Office/Business spaces where tabletop or counter space is not ideal. A PlayBox Sonos pro speaker enclosure allows you to direct sound from above, creating a unique auditory experience that can be perfect for both multi-zone or open-concept environments.

5. Tangle-Free Sound at Home: Say Goodb
ye to Cords & Cables 
Unsightly cords are a major concern for most home owners: "I don't want to see any cables from my Sonos One, Sonos One or my Sonos Play1" is the consistent feedback we received during any custom installation. With cord-less Sonos speaker enclosures - go wireless in the home. Our cable-free mounts are designed to keep your speakers securely in place without the need for exposed wiring. The PlayBox is Ideal for Sonos home theater surround setups or general home audio.

6. Preserving Quality Audio Excellence - Sonos Concealed Acoustic Boxes 
For discerning audiophiles, who demand the best sound quality, consider adding a PlayBox as an acoustic enhancer. Our nested speaker boxes are engineered to preserve the acoustic performance of your Sonos speakers, ensuring that every note and beat is still delivered with pristine clarity.

No matter which PlayBox solution you choose, you can rest assured that your Sonos will not only continue to deliver exceptional sound, without wireless signal loss, and also complement your environment's design aesthetic. Elevate your sound, simplify your space, and enjoy an audio experience like no other with a Sonos speaker mounting solution by Thenos - Your eyes and ears will thank you!

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