This is not a philosophical question: it is one of outlining how to maintain great sound, achieve great aesthetics and great convenience…

1. What Exactly is an In-Wall Sonos Speaker Enclosure?
It’s a simple concept: Create a series of in-wall and in-ceiling enclosures designed to provide the ability to create fully-integrated, multi-zone wireless audio systems powered by Sonos. Take the robust and rich sound from Sonos speakers and pair them with entirely modern-looking in the wall enclosures designed for home or business.

That’s exactly what our goal was with the PlayBox; Offer a line of Sonos concealing enclosures that provide a modern architecturally-inspired, in-wall solutions for any Sonos Play:1 and Sonos One speakers.

2. Are there any Sonic Benefits to the PlayBox?
The Sonos PlayBox by Thenos was engineered to preserve the liquid, richly-layered sound that Sonos is known for. It is our opinion, based on rigorous live testing and user feedback, that the PlayBox may even possibly strengthen sound by utilizing the ability to place the in-wall enclosure for your Sonos speakers at the desired position and/or height. This feature is not normally achievable via a tabletop or countertop setup.

3. Is the PlayBox for my Sonos Play:1 or Sonos One(s) suited for a Commercial or Residential Setting?
Short Answer: Both. Let’s say you have a restaurant crowd where a certain nightly mix is indispensable, or a retail store where a handful of the latest hot new albums needs to be tastefully playing at all times?

Well, while the Sonos ecosystem of a meshed wireless speakers are sleek, modern and sound the most impeccable of offered Wi-Fi based tabletop speakers. We at Thenos designed a fully matching in-wall Sonos enclosure so you are able to create entire sound systems that look as good as they sound.

4. Can I just hide the Sonos Speakers on a shelf? Are there other Solutions?
You can absolutely attempt to hide or conceal a speaker on a table, countertop or shelf. However, speakers are not an easy solution to hide - especially in a public space or a busy home. You have the further problems of tampering, vandalism/theft and the task of reaching an adequate range of SPL (Sound Pleasure Level), essentially the concept of utilizing the correct amount of speakers so you may simultaneously hear the music and hold a conversation without elevating your voice or shouting.

So you have three solutions:

  • Scatter your Sonos speaker(s) on the table or counter
  • Utilize an on-the-wall product (or a “wall wart”) that places the speaker outside of the wall and still reveals the power cord/cable
  • Go with the the PlayBox with it’s in-wall, clean “Sonos-as-fixture” design

The in-wall Sonos speaker unit known as the PlayBox is available in both black and white to help you achieve that blended and seamless feel endorsed by spatial designers and architects. The PlayBox in-wall speaker units are engineered to be as minimalist as possible, keeping your speakers out of the way, while preserving the full audio potential of a bookshelf style speaker.

Not only can you hide those ugly cords, you can get your Wi-Fi speaker up to a higher height for a better acoustic advantage, whether for a single point of sound, a Sonos surround sound system or a multi-zone (or Whole Home) audio system.

5. Who uses in-wall Sonos PlayBoxes?
Thousands of PlayBox solutions have been integrated into home environments, but did you know that all PlayBox models are approved for commercial use as well? And now with the advent of the Sonos Pro audio program for businesses, our in-wall Sonos fixtures have not only been a hit among homeowners but the these industries as well:

-Retail Stores
-Restaurants & Cafes
-Gym/Fitness Centers (Spin, Yoga & Barre)
-Hotel & Hospitality
-General Office Spaces

With a PlayBox installed in your business, you can have all the benefits of great sound married with great convenience. Offer your customers an incredibly convenient way to get luxurious sound from a small package that’s expertly hidden inside a wall (or even ceiling! Check our ceiling boxes, too), so place an order today!

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